Children’s Trails are produced to help children understand, appreciate and enjoy churches, other places of worship and historic buildings. They encourage investigation into architecture, art, furnishings and many facets of history.  They are educational, interesting and fun, both to create and to follow.

The trails are set out on a clear floor plan that leads the children around the building like a treasure map, asking them to examine their surroundings and answer the questions on the sheet.  They are aimed at 8-12 year olds, but are enjoyable for all ages, including adults.  The well-researched answer sheets give additional background information for adult helpers, often revealing new insights into familiar objects.  They are quick and cheap to produce, and provide an excellent opportunity to forge links with other organizations, eg schools, cub scouts and brownie packs.

Children’s Trails are produced as part of a sociable team of volunteers from The Arts Society, with each member bringing their own particular skills. In this rewarding role, you will meet lots of new people, learn new skills and gain in-depth knowledge about churches and their history. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary, but an eye for detail and the ability to see things from a child’s viewpoint are a good place to start.  Basic computer skills are necessary.  The Children's Trail Area Advisor meets the team at the beginning of the project, and is on hand throughout the process to help and advise.  Trails usually take between a few weeks and a few months to produce, so no long term commitment is required.