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26 February 2019The Arts Society FARNHAM - Study Morning - Van Gogh in Arles and Raoul Dufy in Nice Flyer
26 October 2018Pictorial Journal of the WSA Autumn 2018 Area Meeting - a personal view by Chris Symington
26 October 2018Minutes of WSA Autumn 2018 Meeting
25 October 2018Handout of The Arts Society SWOTS analysis for Autumn Area Meetings
19 October 2018Agenda for Autumn Area Meeting
05 October 2018Impressionism and Post Impressionism Booking Form Special Interest Day
05 October 2018Impressionism and Post Impressionism Flyer Special Interest Day
28 September 2018Booking Form for Spreadsheet Information day
14 September 2018Booking Form for Mailchimp Information Day
29 August 2018Getting to Know The Arts Society Booking form
20 July 2018Picasso Tate Modern Exhibition visit and Talk - Flyer and Booking Form
11 July 2018The Arts Society Farnham Study Morning - Picasso - Giant of Twentieth Century Art Booking details
29 June 2018A Young Arts Forum. Event details and booking address.
26 March 2018The Spring Area Meeting; A Photo Journal compiled by Chris Symington. WSA Strategy and Publicity Officer
13 March 2018A Life in Brief - John York