The West Surrey Area is one of eighteen areas within the UK.  It provides a link between The Arts Society centrally and the eighteen local Societies within our defined area.  There are about 4500 members collectively in the Societies of West Surrey Area.

The Area activities are:

  • To arrange regular meetings for representatives from the local Societies to hear about latest developments within The Arts Society, to meet committee members from the other societies and exchange ideas, news and views.  To share common concerns. (View the Area Meetings page)
  • To arrange training days or workshops for the activities required for running a Society and their volunteering projects.  (View the Training page).  Assist in co-ordinating specialised activities e.g. Church recording.  (View the Volunteering pages)
  • To organise events that can supplement Society programmes or are more viable with a larger audience, e.g. multiple lecture days.  (View the Study Days page).
  • To provide a platform for Societies to publicise their own Events and Projects.
  • To collect and feedback views from the Societies in the Area to the National organisation.
  • To publicise the objectives of the Arts Society and to assist in the promotion of membership for the local Societies.  Provide instruction where needed on techniques and good practice.
  • To offer a local “help” facility for Societies if needed.

As with the local Societies the Area activities are run by a volunteer committee, the Area Team, headed by the Area Chairman.  The committee members are usually from different Societies within the Area and have often been Society Chairmen, thereby bringing a wealth of experience to support Societies.  The Area Officers and Committee members are elected by the local Societies annually and normally serve for three years.

There are two full Area Meetings each year, Spring and Autumn, each are hosted by Societies on a rotational basis.  The AGM is part of the Spring meeting.